Peter Hofer

phoferResearcher, Dipl.-Ing. Dr.

Christian Doppler Laboratory on Monitoring and
Evolution of Very-Large-Scale Software Systems
Johannes Kepler University
Altenberger Strasse 69
4040 Linz, Austria

Research Areas: Performance Analysis, Virtual Machines, Hardware Tracing, Virtualization, Visualization

Supervised theses and student projects:
  • Portable Tracing of Lock Contention in Java Applications, Master’s Thesis, Andreas Schörgenhumer, (ongoing).
  • Runtime Analysis of High-Level Java Synchronization Mechanisms on the Virtual Machine Level, Master’s Thesis, David Gnedt, 2016.
  • Visualization of Lock Contention Event Traces, Student Project (Praktikum), Andreas Schörgenhumer, 2015.
  • Fast Profiling in the HotSpot Java VM with Incremental Stack Tracing and Partial Safepoints, Bachelor’s Thesis (and Student Project, “Praktikum”), David Gnedt, 2014.
  • Steal Time Accounting in Virtual Machines, Student Project (Praktikum), Florian Hörschläger, 2014.
  • Instrumentation of Dynamically Generated .NET Code for Performance Analysis, Master’s Thesis, Bernhard Prügl, 2013.