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SPLC 2016

Research PC Co-Chair Rick Rabiser presenting the main conference tracks in the welcome session of SPLC 2016, the 20th International Software Product Line Conference (September 19-23, Beijing, China).

@ASE 2015

We are happy that two papers on research results of our lab will be presented at the 30th IEEE/ACM Int’l Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE 2015), which will take place in Lincoln, Nebraska (USA). Configuration-Aware Change Impact Analysis (Authors: Florian Angerer, Andreas Grimmer, Herbert Prähofer, Paul Grünbacher) Understanding variability is essential to allow the … Continue reading @ASE 2015

FOSD Meeting 2015 — International Academy Traunkirchen, Austria — May 13-16, 2015

The FOSD Meeting is an informal workshop within the field of software development for variability-rich software systems and feature-oriented software development (FOSD). The FOSD meeting 2015 was organized by Florian Angerer (Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria), Sven Apel (Universität Passau, Germany), Christian Kästner (Carnegie Mellon University, USA), Herbert Prähofer (JKU Linz, Austria) and Paul Grünbacher … Continue reading FOSD Meeting 2015 — International Academy Traunkirchen, Austria — May 13-16, 2015

Cooperation with Politechnico di Milano, Italy

The lab is cooperating with Politechnico di Milano, Italy (Prof. Dr. Luciano Baresi, Dr. Sam Guinea, Dr. Clément Quinton) in the areas of constraint languages for runtime monitoring and dynamic software product lines. During a recent visit Michael Vierhauser and Rick Rabiser gave a talk at Politechnico di Milano on the REMINDS requirements monitoring infrastructure.

Erfolgreiche Evaluierung des Christian Doppler Labors MEVSS

Software unterliegt aufgrund neuer Anforderungen, Technologien und geänderter Einsatzumgebungen einem ständigen Wandel. Das 2013 gegründete Christian Doppler Labor MEVSS (Monitoring and Evolution of Very-Large-Scale Software Systems) entwickelt Methoden und Werkzeuge zur Überwachung, Anpassung und Weiterentwicklung komplexer Softwaresysteme. Die Forschungsschwerpunkte des Labors sind anforderungsbasiertes Monitoring und Diagnose, Modellierung und Codeanalyse in Software-Ökosystemen sowie Application Performance Management. Unter … Continue reading Erfolgreiche Evaluierung des Christian Doppler Labors MEVSS

Best Paper Award @ WICSA 2014

We are happy to announce that the paper A Flexible Framework for Runtime Monitoring of System-of-Systems Architectures co-authored by Michael Vierhauser, Rick Rabiser, Paul Grünbacher, Christian Danner, Stefan Wallner, and Helmut Zeisel received a Best Paper Award at the 11th Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture (Sydney, Australia)