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CDL MEVSS (2013-2020)

Welcome to the Christian Doppler Laboratory on Monitoring and Evolution of Very-Large-Scale Software Systems! The Christian Doppler Laboratory for Monitoring and Evolution of Very-Large-Scale Software Systems was started on February 1, 2013. After 7 successful years, the lab reached the planned end of its operation by the end of January 2020. However, a phasing-out period … Continue reading CDL MEVSS (2013-2020)

Concepts of variation control systems

Authors: Lukas Linsbauer, Felix Schwägerl, Thorsten Berger, Paul Grünbacher Abstract: Version control systems are an integral part of today’s software engineering. They facilitate the collaborative management of revisions (sequential versions) and variants (concurrent versions) of software systems under development. Typical version control systems maintain revisions of files and variants of whole software systems. Variants are … Continue reading Concepts of variation control systems

Evaluating an Interactive Memory Analysis Tool: Findings from a Cognitive Walkthrough and a User Study

Evaluating an Interactive Memory Analysis Tool: Findings from a Cognitive Walkthrough and a User Study Authors: Markus Weninger, Paul Grünbacher, Elias Gander, Andreas Schörgenhumer Abstract: Memory analysis tools are essential for finding and fixing anomalies in the memory usage of software systems (e.g., memory leaks). Although numerous tools are available, hardly any empirical studies exist … Continue reading Evaluating an Interactive Memory Analysis Tool: Findings from a Cognitive Walkthrough and a User Study

Congratulations, Thomas!

On April 22, 2020 Thomas Krismayer defended his dissertation to earn his doctoral degree! Congratulations! Special thanks goes to all members of the committee. Rick Rabiser (supervisor), Armin Biere (head of the committee), Josef Küng (committee member), and Klaus Schmid (external assessor, University of Hildesheim).


We will present two papers at GPCE 2019, the 18th International Conference on Generative Programming: Concepts & Experiences. Harmonized Temporal Feature Modeling to Uniformly Perform, Track, Analyze and Replay Software Product Line Evolution (authors: Daniel Hinterreiter, Michael Nieke, Lukas Linsbauer, Christoph Seidl, Herbert Prähofer, Paul Grünbacher). This work was carried out in collaboration with TU … Continue reading 2x CDL MEVSS at GPCE19

CD Labor MEVSS im Bericht von ORF OÖ

Ein Fernsehbeitrag des ORF Oberösterreich vom 22. Jänner 2019 berichtet von der Kooperation des Christian Doppler Labors mit unserem Unternehmenspartner Primetals Technologies. Der Beitrag wurde auch beim Treffpunkt Wissenschaft des ORF OÖ anlässlich 50 Jahre Technisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät der JKU präsentiert. Wir danken dem ORF OÖ für die freundliche Genehmigung.

ORF Treffpunkt Wissenschaft — January 22nd, 2019

Panel discussion with Johannes Jetschgo (ORF), Ingrid Graz (Institute of Experimental Physics), Paul Grünbacher (Institute Software Systems Engineering), Wolfgang Gruber (Institute for Electrical Drives and Power Electronics), Peter Juza (Primetals Technologies), and Nobert Müller (Dean of the TNF Faculty at JKU). Further information About the event

ICPE’18 Presentation Award

Congratulations to Markus Weninger for receiving the “Best Presentation Award” at the 9th ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE 2018). Markus presented the paper “User-defined Classification and Multi-level Grouping of Objects in Memory Monitoring” (co-authored with Hanspeter Mössenböck).

Erfolgreiche Evaluierung des Labors

Software unterliegt aufgrund neuer Anforderungen, Technologien und sich ändernder Einsatzumgebungen einem ständigen Wandel. Das 2013 gegründete Christian Doppler Labor MEVSS (Monitoring and Evolution of Very-Large-Scale Software Systems) entwickelt Methoden und Werkzeuge zur Überwachung, Anpassung und Weiterentwicklung komplexer Softwaresysteme. Unter der Leitung von Prof. Dr. Paul Grünbacher arbeiten JKU-WissenschafterInnen der Institute Software Systems Engineering und Systemsoftware … Continue reading Erfolgreiche Evaluierung des Labors

Report from ASE’17

The lab presented a paper and a tool demonstration at the 32nd Int’l Conference on Automated Software Engineering. The IEEE/ACM Automated Software Engineering (ASE) Conference series is the premier research forum to discuss foundations, techniques, and tools for automating the analysis, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance of large software systems. Tool Demonstration — Kritzinger, Lisa; … Continue reading Report from ASE’17