November 24, 2016

Research Reports

Requirements-based Monitoring and Diagnosis of Systems of Systems (Rick Rabiser)

Application Performance Management

Memory Monitoring (Philipp Lengauer)
Lock Contention Monitoring (Peter Hofer)

Multi-Modeling and Evolution in Software Ecosystems

Feature Modeling in Industrial Software Ecosystems (Daniela Rabiser)
Configuration-aware Program Analysis (Florian Angerer)

Tool Demonstrations

REMINDS: REquirements Monitoring INfrastructure for Diagnosing Systems of Systems (Thomas Krismayer)

AntTracks: Efficient and Accurate Analysis of Memory Anomalies in Java Programs (Markus Weninger)

Analyzing Causes and Culprits of Thread Synchronization Bottlenecks in Java Programs (Andreas Schörgenhumer)

FORCE: Feature-Oriented Component Engineering (Daniel Hinterreiter)

System Dependence Graph Browser (Peter Feichtinger)

Snacks and Drinks